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Our mission is to empower those who care with the tools, technology and know-how to bring a valuable sense of connection and community to those who are most at risk of loneliness and isolation.

We believe that feeling a sense of connection with other people is the thread that ties communities together, and a critical element of individual and population wellbeing.

We believe that technology can be used to facilitate connection, even for those who are often excluded: Older people, disabled people and people from other disadvantaged groups.

Our advanced yet remarkably user-friendly communications platform is designed specifically for care providers, charities and nursing homes to facilitate or host remote, one-to-one or group sessions, online or by telephone with the people you support.

To those who need meaningful social contact the most, being able to connect in this way, means everything.

Let’s use our innovation to prevent isolation, Togetherly.

Together, we can make a true social impact.

We’re here to bring you closer to the people you work hard to care for, helping you to easily connect to the lonely in society and creating a world everyone can come together and talk.

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