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To get people engaged, we keep it simple.

By using technology that is both available and familiar, Togetherly enables you to give those that are socially and digitally isolated the opportunity to join communities of people with shared interests and experiences.

No computers, tablets or internet connection required, joining a group call is as simple as making a regular phone call or answering a ringing phone.

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Easily and safely control your call in real time.

Togetherly enables you to assign a facilitator to your groups calls who can see who is connected, mute noisy guests and easily reconnect anybody who gets disconnected.

With a simple to use call dashboard, that hides all personal information, you can leverage your volunteer network to facilitate your group calls, or even promote a competent service user.

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Measure performance and report impact with minimal effort.

As a Togetherly user you will be able to access up-to-the second data and insights across all your groups.

Instantly create impact reports, identify potential safeguarding and measure volunteer performance with just a few clicks.

Easily export this data for importing into your CRM or integrate directly with our API.

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I’m not tech-friendly, so it’s definitely useful to do it over the phone... the mental benefits are no end.

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