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This calls for a simpler video conferencing solution.

There’s a major problem with most video conferencing tools. They’re designed for businesses, meaning those who are older or disabled find them difficult to download, install and use.

As you might expect from the people who make group calls so easy, Togetherly video conferencing has been developed in partnership with leading charities to maximise accessibility for older and disabled users.

Simple to use with no downloads required, it’s the only tool designed specifically with your audience in mind.

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See the bigger, simpler picture.

Because we know that not everyone is cut from the same cloth in terms of their video conferencing capabilities, we start with those who might need the most help.

Once a video session is scheduled, joining or leaving can be completed in one tap. There are no confusing options or buttons and if required, connecting, disconnecting or muting, can be controlled by a helpful session facilitator.

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It’s so simple, I’m not technical at all but I think it is wonderful

Charity service user