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Reduce the burden on carers and improve health outcomes.

By using Togetherly to host remote activities you can deliver companionship, connection and a sense of community that will:

  • Reduce the emotional burden on your carers
  • Deliver a better service with less resource
  • Improve long-term health outcomes
  • Provide alternative opportunities for interaction
  • Reduce loneliness and improve well-being
  • Expand your service offering
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Preventing isolation through innovation

At we dedicate our lives to developing accessible technology that helps you make the lives of others, less lonely.

Telephone befriending

Facilitate meaningful relationships by matching volunteers with service users and enabling them to call in a simple, safe and measurable way.

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Group telephone calls

Build communities by hosting group calls based around shared interests or experiences, that are as simple to join as answering a ringing phone.

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Accessible video calls

Enable a sense of belonging and real connection with inclusive video conferencing designed to be accessible by the people you support.

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