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From Audiobooks to Book Clubs: Calibre Audio's Journey with Togetherly

Calibre Audio, a national charity, provides a vital service – audio books for people with print disabilities such as visual impairments, learning disabilities, or other conditions limiting physical access to books. Recognising the power of reading in promoting well-being and combating loneliness, the charity sought innovative ways to extend their reach and impact.


Before using Togetherly, Calibre Audio faced significant barriers in offering group activities like book clubs. Traditional conference calling services were either unreliable or lacked essential accessibility features, impeding the inclusion of visually impaired members. With a previous service discontinuation, they were thrust into a scramble for a suitable alternative.


Enter Togetherly. This platform was not just a resolution to their immediate crisis but a transformative tool in expanding Calibre Audio's services. Its user-friendly, adaptable design, coupled with a straightforward pricing policy, made budgeting and planning feasible for the charity. The key attraction, however, was Togetherly's accessibility – offering seamless call joining without the need for pressing additional buttons, crucial for members with sight loss.

Broadening Horizons

Togetherly enabled Calibre Audio to significantly expand its services beyond just audio book distribution. The platform's flexibility and ease of use allowed the charity to initiate and sustain telephone book clubs, a novel offering that was previously unfeasible.

These book clubs provided members with not just literary enjoyment but also a social avenue, fostering community among users who might otherwise experience isolation.

Simplified Administration

The intuitive design of Togetherly allowed Calibre Audio to effortlessly set up and manage their book club sessions, empowering them with full administrative control. This streamlined approach to administration meant more time could be dedicated to enhancing user experiences and less on grappling with technical complexities.

Recording Feature

The ability to record sessions became an invaluable tool for training new volunteers, providing them with real-life examples of how book clubs were facilitated. Recordings also served as a resource for safeguarding, allowing the charity to revisit conversations if needed, ensuring the well-being of their members.

Future Outlook

Calibre Audio's journey with Togetherly reflects a partnership rooted in shared values of inclusivity and accessibility. The charity not only enhanced its service offerings but also gained a tool to collect data for funding applications, demonstrating the tangible impact of their work. As they continue to spread the joy of reading, Togetherly remains an integral part of their mission to create a world where reading is accessible to all.

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