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Empowering Connections with DeafBlind Peterborough through Togetherly

DeafBlind Peterborough, initially part of Peterborough Sight, is a grassroots organization focusing on fostering independence for people with visual impairments. When the pandemic struck, their social activities were significantly hindered, leaving many isolated and disconnected.


The advent of COVID-19 severely impacted DeafBlind Peterborough's ability to conduct physical gatherings. Members, particularly the elderly and those with impairments, found themselves doubly isolated - confined to their homes and battling sensory limitations. Traditional digital platforms like Zoom proved too complex for many members, exacerbating their sense of isolation.

Solution with Togetherly

Discovering Togetherly was a game-changer for DeafBlind Peterborough. The platform’s simple, one-touch dial-in system made it incredibly accessible, even for those using landline phones. This ease of connectivity transformed their Yoga sessions from a physical to a virtual community space, where members could engage in relaxing activities and share updates, fostering a sense of belonging.


Togetherly's user-friendly approach brought unexpected benefits. Members, who had never participated in conference calls, adapted quickly to this new form of communication. The regularity and reliability of these sessions, facilitated by Togetherly, provided a consistent social anchor in their lives.

Key Achievements

Enhanced Accessibility: The one-touch dial-in system was crucial for visually impaired members, eliminating the need for navigating complex digital interfaces. Social Inclusivity: The platform allowed for a seamless blend of physical and digital interaction, where members could comfortably engage from their homes. Community Building: The sessions on Togetherly became a hub for information sharing, advice, and mutual support, especially for addressing challenges specific to visual impairments.


For DeafBlind Peterborough, Togetherly provided more than just a technological solution; it offered a lifeline to community connection and support in challenging times. This case study stands as a testament to the power of accessible technology in bridging gaps and creating inclusive communities, where everyone, regardless of their physical limitations, can feel heard and connected.

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