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Supporting Devon in Sight to Deliver Accessible Services

Devon in Sight is a local charity providing information and advice, practical help, and emotional support to enable people to overcome the many challenges of living with sight loss, to maintain their independence and wellbeing, and to live life to the full.

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Togetherly?

We were using another provider to deliver our events & unfortunately they closed without any notice which left us with no way of continuing to reach our members which they rely on. We looked around a lot of different providers but couldn't find one that could address our accessibility requirements until another charity suggested we reach out to Togetherly.

What hesitations did you have before trying Togetherly?

After speaking with the Togetherly support team we were reassured that we could get our events up and running straight away without our members missing out on a single session. We did still have some reservations as our members all have some degree of sight loss and we wanted to make sure that our services would still be accessible for them.

What was your initial reaction when trying Togetherly for the first time?

It delivered everything we asked for at the time, we could continue to offer our members the services which they had all become to rely on. What was noticeably different from any other service provider we have used is the support we received from the very first moment we contacted Togetherly until now.

How has implementing Togetherly impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

Initially it allowed us to continue to offer our members our digital services however we have continued to work with Togetherly to improve what and how we can deliver our services to them.

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