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Dorset Blind Association's Digital Transformation with Togetherly

Dorset Blind Association, serving the county of Dorset, focuses on aiding individuals with visual impairments, encompassing a range from unregistered visual impairments to complete blindness. The organisation is committed to enabling these individuals to lead independent and fulfilling lives, despite the challenges brought by visual impairment.

Challenges Faced

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association's outreach was primarily limited to in-person gatherings, such as coffee mornings in church halls. This traditional approach had limited reach and efficiency, often excluding those who were homebound or lived in remote areas. The onset of the pandemic exacerbated these issues, completely halting their ability to connect with their members physically.

The Transition to Togetherly

Recognising the need for a reliable, accessible, and inclusive platform, Dorset Blind Association turned to Togetherly. Their decision was influenced by the positive experiences of similar charities, notably the charity Sense, and the need for a platform that could accommodate the specific requirements of visually impaired users. Togetherly's platform offered a stable and user- friendly solution, enabling the Association to connect with their members remotely and efficiently.

Extended Reach and Inclusion

The platform allowed for wider reach across Dorset, making services accessible to individuals regardless of their location. This inclusivity was vital, especially for members who were previously unable to attend in-person sessions due to geographical or physical constraints.

Efficiency in Service Delivery

With Togetherly, the Dorset Blind streamlined its operations. The platform enabled the hosting of group calls, allowing a single staff member to effectively engage with multiple members, thus maximising resource utilisation.


The scalable nature of Togetherly’s solution enabled the Association to reach more individuals without additional costs, effectively lowering the cost per service user and enhancing the overall value of their programs.


Dorset Blind Association’s experience with Togetherly is a testament to how technology can revolutionise the way charitable organisations deliver services. By leveraging a platform that offered stability, accessibility, and efficiency, the Association not only overcame the challenges of physical barriers but also significantly enhanced the quality and reach of its services. This transformation had a profound and positive impact on the lives of its visually impaired members, demonstrating the power of technology in facilitating inclusive and impactful community services.

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