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Epilepsy Action's Journey with Togetherly

Epilepsy Action dedicated to creating a world without limits for people in the UK with epilepsy. They provide services and support for people living with epilepsy as well as campaigning for change.


Epilepsy Action, was facing significant challenges in connecting their befriending volunteers and service users in a safe, effective, and secure way. Their early attempts to set up a new befriending service were hindered by technological barriers and concerns over maintaining confidentiality and proper use of resources.


Togetherly provided a simple and secure solution. With a central switchboard system, Togetherly ensured that neither party in the befriending service had access to each other's contact details, thereby maintaining privacy and security.

Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity

The intuitive design of the Togetherly platform removed the need for technical know-how breaking down barriers. They are now able to welcome volunteers who previously might have been hesitant due to the IT skills that were required to deliver the service. This inclusivity was crucial for Epilepsy Action, opening up to a more diverse pool of volunteers.

Enhanced Efficiency in Operations

The simplicity of Togetherly's system helped to speed up the induction training process at Epilepsy Action. There is very little training required on the technical side of making befriending calls volunteers simply dial the Togetherly number. It is also very easy for staff to add and assign volunteers with service users on the Togtherly platform.

All of which means they have been able to get volunteers through their induction quickly so they can get started supporting service users. As there are lots of people waiting to access the service getting new volunteers active as soon as possible it vital to expanding the reach of the service.

Improved User Experience

Adopting Togetherly has been a positive experience for both volunteers and service users of Epilepsy Action. It has encouraged even those nervous of technology to participate in video calls further enhancing the personal connection in the befriending service. This ease of use led to more meaningful and engaging interactions, contributing to the overall goal of alleviating loneliness and isolation among people with epilepsy.

Advanced Features and Analytics

The advanced features and analytics provided by Togetherly brought a new dimension to Epilepsy Action’s service. The AI-powered call summaries offered quick insights into the nature of calls, enabling the organisation to identify and respond to issues or potential safeguarding concerns promptly. Additionally, the platform's reporting tools allowed for effective monitoring of volunteer activities and service user interactions, enabling them to follow up with support to ensure a high quality service is provided.

Supporting Epilepsy Action's Mission

The integration of Togetherly into Epilepsy Action's operations enabled them to expand their befriending service and reach more individuals affected by epilepsy, making a tangible difference in their lives. The combination of accessibility, efficiency, and advanced features ensured that Epilepsy Action could continue to build a supportive community for people with epilepsy, driving forward their vision of a world without limits.


Togetherly provided Epilepsy Action with a practical tool to connect volunteers and service users . The platform’s ease of use, security, and innovative features like AI analysis for call overviews and emotion tracking, significantly boosted Epilepsy Action's capability to offer effective and inclusive support to those living with epilepsy.

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