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About Independent Age

Who are you, who do you help and what do you do?

Independent Age is a charity founded over 150 years ago, we’re independent so you can be.

We give free, confidential advice over the telephone for older people, their families and carers on issues such as getting help at home, adaptations, care assessments, paying for care, staying in touch with other people and welfare benefits.

Togetherly enabled us to reduce the cost of hosting our group calls, so we could host more sessions and reach more people

Independent Age Team Member

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Togetherly?

We’d been running group telephone calls for a while and they had proved successful, but the cost was quite high as we had an operator on every call to connect the service users.

Demand for the group calls was increasing, but the available funds were not.  We needed to find a way to expand the group calls, without increasing the cost.

What hesitations did you have before trying Togetherly?

Instead of using an operator to connect the calls, Togetherly is a fully automated service.  We were unsure as to whether this would work for our service users as they are mostly older people who are not familiar with technology.


What was your initial reaction when trying Togetherly for the first time?

How we needn’t have worried.  Although fully automated from our side, the experience for our service users was exactly the same as before – just answering the ringing phone.

We were impressed by the easy to use facilitator dashboard which allowed us to mute guests who were joining from noisy environments as well as reconnect those who became disconnected.  This was something we didn’t have before.

How has implementing Togetherly impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

We’ve been able to double the number of group calls we offer to our members without increasing the costs.

Not only that, but we’ve also been able to make groups self sufficient by having service users facilitate their own sessions, including controlling the call via the Togetherly dashboard – it’s that simple to use.

It’s so simple, I’m not technical at all but I think it is wonderful!

Sue Service User

What kind of organisations would benefit from Togetherly?

Togetherly will benefit any organisation that needs to remotely deliver services to people who are older and at risk of isolation.

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