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ResCare's Journey - Enhancing Safeguarding in Digital Befriending Services

ResCare, established in 1984, has been a beacon of support for families with members having learning disabilities or autism. Celebrating its 39th year, ResCare has expanded from focusing on residential care to providing a wide range of support services.


ResCare's befriending service, launched amidst the pandemic in 2021, initially operated through traditional telephone calls. While effective, this method posed challenges in safeguarding personal information and ensuring call acceptance, as some service users were hesitant to answer calls from unknown numbers.


ResCare's discovery of Togetherly marked a turning point. Introduced to the platform in early 2023, ResCare was drawn to Togetherly's robust safeguarding features, ease of use, and the ability to streamline and enhance their befriending services. The platform's simple interface and data tracking capabilities resonated with ResCare's mission to offer secure and efficient support to their community.


After a successful trial period, ResCare fully integrated Togetherly into their operations. The platform facilitated easy volunteer coordination, secure communication, and efficient match-making between volunteers and service users. Moreover, Togetherly's data analytics supported ResCare's reporting needs for board meetings and funding bids.


With Togetherly, ResCare significantly improved its service delivery. The ability to safeguard personal information and offer a consistent, recognizable contact number for service users boosted confidence and security in their befriending services. Additionally, Togetherly's data insights enabled ResCare to showcase the impact of their work more effectively.

Challenges in the Digital Realm

ResCare's journey with Togetherly underscores the unique challenges and risks associated with digital services in a charitable context. Unlike tools designed for business use, platforms like Togetherly cater to the nuanced needs of service users in the charity sector, emphasising security, simplicity, and accessibility.

A Balanced Digital Adoption

ResCare's experience advocates for a balanced approach towards digital adoption in service delivery. It highlights the need for solutions that manage risks while maximising benefits, especially concerning safeguarding sensitive information in a digital world.

Best Practices for Other Organisations

For organisations embarking on a similar path, ResCare's story serves as a testament to the benefits of incorporating digital solutions thoughtfully. They recommend using platforms like Togetherly from the outset, considering them an investment in service quality and volunteer well-being.


ResCare's journey with Togetherly is a shining example of how digital solutions can transform service delivery in the charitable sector. By adopting Togetherly, ResCare enhanced its befriending services, prioritizing safeguarding and efficiency while maintaining a personal touch. This case study illustrates the importance of choosing digital tools that align with the unique needs of the charity sector, advocating for a cautious yet bold approach in integrating digital solutions.

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