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About Sense

Who are you, who do you help and what do you do?

Sense is a charity that helps people living with complex disabilities, including people who are deafblind. We support people in their home and in the community through our holidays, arts, sports and wellbeing programmes.

My role is to develop sport and physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities as part of our Sport England funded Sense Active Together project.

Chair yoga

Togetherly enabled us to extend our remote services to digitally isolated people who were previously unreachable.

Sense Team Member

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Togetherly?

The ‘Sense, Active Together’ programme aims to provide opportunities for people with complex disabilities to be active by establishing meaningful ways to take part in sport and physical activity, this includes for those people for whom leaving their home is a challenge.

We initially hosted remote activities via Zoom meetings, but for many of the people who we support, these were inaccessible.  We needed a way to reach people who could not use Zoom, this is when we discovered Togetherly.

What hesitations did you have before trying Togetherly?

The people Sense support are living with complex disabilities, including deaf blind and have specific accessibility needs, many of them are not regular uses of technology.  Our primary concern before trying the service was whether they would be able to access the service or not.


What was your initial reaction when trying Togetherly for the first time?

We immediately recognised the potential of the service to reach people who had previously been unable to access our remote services.

How has implementing Togetherly impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

We practice a person-centered approach in everything we do, so we’re now able to offer remote services to people who are digitally isolated, unable to access online services and who are not confident with technology.

We host regular  sessions that give our service users structure to their week, something to look forward to helps with both their mental health and physical health greatly. 

It’s so simple, I’m not technical at all but I think it is wonderful!

Sue Sense Service User

What kind of organisations would benefit from Togetherly?

Togetherly will benefit any organisation that needs to reach people who are digitally isolated or have challenges when accessing online services.

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