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Sight Advice South Lakes & Togetherly - Empowering Connection and Inclusion

Sight Advice South Lakes, operating in South Cumbria, serves a community of over 2,000 people with sight loss. Their mission is to support visually impaired individuals in living independently, providing practical and emotional support, and enhancing awareness about sight loss. With a team of ten, they are a smaller organization with a significant impact.


The COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge for Sight Advice South Lakes. The organization previously relied on face-to-face social groups scattered across various towns. The pandemic-induced lockdowns necessitated a swift transition to remote services. Although initial attempts with Zoom has some success, it soon became apparent that this platform was not inclusive for all, especially the elderly and those without internet access or the ability to navigate complex digital systems.


In their search for an inclusive remote communication solution, Sight Advice South Lakes discovered Togetherly. A key feature that stood out was Togetherly’s ability to dial out to landlines, allowing users to simply pick up the phone to join a call. This feature was crucial in ensuring that even the most digitally excluded members could participate. Togetherly’s flexibility across various devices - landlines, mobile phones, tablets - meant that no one was left out.

Geographical Integration

The implementation of Togetherly at Sight Advice South Lakes has been transformative, bringing several unexpected yet significant benefits that have extended far beyond the initial scope of addressing pandemic-related challenges. Firstly, the system's capability to integrate geographical groups has been a revelation, fostering an expansive and inclusive community spirit. Members from various towns, who previously were limited to their local groups, are now interacting, sharing experiences, and building relationships across wider areas, effectively dissolving geographical barriers.


Furthermore, the remarkable flexibility of Togetherly's platform has ensured seamless participation for all members, irrespective of their location. This feature has proven to be especially beneficial for members who travel or are on holiday, as they can stay connected and participate in group activities without interruption.

Democratisation of Technology:

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of Togetherly's adoption has been its democratization of technology. Its intuitive and straightforward design has successfully engaged a demographic traditionally hesitant towards technology, particularly older individuals. The simplicity of just picking up a phone call has empowered Sight Advice South Lakes' members, many of whom are in their 90s, to engage with ease, thereby greatly enhancing their sense of community and belonging. This adoption of Togetherly by Sight Advice South Lakes stands as a testament to the profound impact that user-friendly and accessible technology can have in bridging communication gaps, fostering community cohesion, and ensuring that inclusivity remains at the heart of organizational operations.


Togetherly not only helped Sight Advice South Lakes maintain their services during the pandemic but also enhanced their offerings in the long term. The system’s inclusivity and simplicity have been instrumental in continuing their mission to support the visually impaired. The ability to connect people effortlessly, regardless of their location or technological skills, has been a game changer. This case exemplifies the power of accessible technology in fostering community connections and ensuring no one is left behind.

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