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Volunteer Matters Journey with Togetherly

Volunteering matters is a UK wide charity that supports a wide range of projects, during the pandemic we had no choice but to move all of our services online and did anything we could to keep people connected during that period. Our goals are to ensure we keep people connected, reducing isolation and providing engagement.

What challenges were you facing before signing up to Togetherly?

Our project was predominantly face to face activities & peer to peer support that helped support people keep connected in Brighton. During the pandemic we had no choice but to move all of our services online and also offer postal activities & we did anything we could to keep people connected during that period.

We did trial conference calls during the pandemic and although it worked it wasn't hugely successful as our members found it complicated to join. We also tried some Zoom calls which didn't seem to flow well and we needed to find a service that could remove any barriers for our members. We knew that some of our members were already nervous about joining digital events and when they have to do something that is technologically difficult it just gives them another barrier not to try.

What hesitations did you have before trying Togetherly?

We didn't have any hesitations in trying Togetherly as we knew we needed to find a solution and based on the conversations we had before agreeing to take part in the trial we were confident Togetherly would work for us.

The team were nervous about how easy it would be to host group telephone events and manage people during the session whilst making sure everyone is engaged and taking part but Togetherly were on hand to share what has been working well for other charities they work with.

How has implementing Togetherly impacted your organisation and its beneficiaries?

We expected it to take some time for our members to form and build relationships. Togetherly has exceeded our expectations, the group members have really embraced the service and we have seen the positive impact this is having a lot sooner than we imagined. Our members really feel part of something and have found their own little communities and are engaged which we see which is fantastic for us to see.

For us it really has helped us achieve our goal of keeping people connected, reducing isolation and providing engagement and we are looking forward to continuing on our journey to reach more people across the UK.

What kind of organisations would benefit from Togetherly?

Anyone who is looking for a secure, simple solution to help them reach isolated people across the UK & worldwide.

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