Keep your matches safe, by ensuring phone numbers are always hidden

With Togetherly, you can facilitate befriending calls between volunteers and service users without revealing the phone numbers of either party. This keeps you in control, ensures everyone's personal details are hidden AND helps you meet your data protection obligations.

How does that even work?

Instead of calling the service user directly, your volunteer befriender dials the Togetherly befriending number. We recognise them from their caller ID and route the call to whoever you matched them with on the platform. The experience for both parties is exactly the same as a regular phone call, but with no telephone numbers revealed.

Couldn't I just have volunteers prefix calls with 141?

You could, but this only protects one party. They'd still need to know your service user's phone number to initiate the call and once you've given that number out you have no control over who is calling it. With Togetherly you can deactivate a match at any time and be sure no unwanted calls are being made.

What if volunteers have more than one match?

Not a problem, Togetherly supports multiple matches! If your volunteer has more than one match they will hear a "Press 1 to call Polly, press 2 to call Michael..." message when they call. Pressing (or saying) the appropriate number will route them to their match.

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