Don’t be left in the dark: No Contact Report

Get instant, real-time visibility of volunteers that have stopped calling, or service users that have stopped answering, so you can focus your efforts where they are needed the most.

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Improved accountability and volunteer retention

Finding reliable volunteers, and training them to provide a quality service can be challenging, so retaining them is critical. This is especially when delivering digital services, where it can be difficult to identify volunteers who may require additional support.

By using the No Contact Report you can be alerted to volunteers who are not fulfilling their obligations, allowing you to identify problems, intervene early and address any issues, ultimately reducing volunteer churn.

Better safeguarding for your service users

If you're a charity working to reduce loneliness, then the people you're supporting are potentially vulnerable and may lack their own support network. If they stop answering their befriending calls or attending their weekly virtual coffee morning, this could be a sign that further intervention or support is required.

You can use the No Contact Report to identify these changes in service user behaviour and conduct the necessary follow up action, ultimately improving the quality of your service and the level of support you can offer your service users.

Reduced administration overhead for your staff

Once a service reaches a certain size, checking in with volunteers and service users to make sure everything is okay can be a full-time job that limits the growth of the service. By using Togetherly's No Contact Report you can deal with issues by exception, enabling you to intelligently invest your time where it can have the most impact.

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