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Accessible Video Calls

There's no denying that bringing faces to voices and smiles to conversations adds an extra dimension to communication. Togetherly's accessible video makes this available to those who have traditionally been excluded.

Remove barriers - No downloads, installs or passwords

Technical challenges are a barrier to engagement with your services, especially for those who are not confident with technology. Togetherly's accessible video is thoughtfully designed to significantly reduce the chances of technical issues - it works on any device and requires nothing more than a web browser. There is simply less to go wrong which ensures maximum engagement.

Include more faces with one click (or tap) joining

Embracing the power of simplicity, Togetherly introduces an effortless way to connect: a single click or tap. This feature is all about bringing more faces together, making it easier than ever for users to see and interact with each other. Whether they're using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, entering a video call is as straightforward and inclusive as it gets.

Include telephone attendees on the same call

Togetherly’s inclusive approach recognises that for some, the traditional telephone remains the most comfortable and accessible means of communication. With this in mind, our platform uniquely integrates telephone attendees into the same call as online participants. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their preference or familiarity with technology, can join the conversation.

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