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Telephone Dial Out

Are all the people you support comfortable with technology? If you support people who are digitally isolated, struggle with technology or who are just not ready for video interactions, Togetherly's dial-out offers a solution.

Make your services universally accessible to all

Togetherly's dial-out makes accessing your services as simple, inclusive and friction-free as possible. Service users can join using a regular landline or mobile phone and all they need to do is answer it when it rings, meaning they're available to everyone.

Connect the unconnected through telephone groups

40% of individuals over the age of 75 do not use the internet at all, many of these also struggle to leave their home. Togetherly allows you to provide them access to support and community with the simplicity and familiarity of a telephone call.

Let those on their first step join without being seen

We know not everyone is ready for face-to-face interaction or the exposure of video calls. Togetherly's dial-out provides a pressure-free experience where people can discreetly join group activities and just listen, only speaking when they feel comfortable to do so.

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