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Events Calendar

As soon as you see the benefits of running group sessions with Togetherly, you'll undoubtedly be eager to run a few of your own. But coordinating and keeping track of multiple sessions can quickly become overwhelming. That's precisely where Togetherly's Events Calendar becomes your indispensable tool.

Embrace the power of advanced planning

Streamline your scheduling with Togetherly's Events Calendar. Plan and manage a variety of remote activities, from daily telephone befriending sessions to a schedule of diverse, weekly virtual events. Our intuitive calendar offers a clear view of upcoming and past sessions, making it easy to organise activities for maximum impact.

Unlock the value of historic events

Togetherly is not only a platform for future engagements but also a portal to past activities, offering easy access to review and analyse previous sessions. Each telephone call or group discussion recorded holds valuable insights. Reviewing these helps you gauge the effectiveness of your services, pinpoint areas for improvement, and inspire ideas for upcoming sessions.

Create consistent connections through recurring activities

Harness the efficiency and convenience of Togetherly's recurring events feature to nurture lasting connections and consistent engagement. Ideal for establishing a regular rhythm of support and interaction, this tool allows you to set up recurring activities with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for repetitive manual planning.

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