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Session Recording

By providing services remotely you've already taken a significant step in delivering more impact with less resource, but having insights into these interactions is crucial to fully enhancing their effectiveness. This is precisely where the optional recording feature of Togetherly becomes invaluable.

Ensure safer exchanges by recording interactions

Togetherly's session recording can be a valuable tool for safely connecting individuals, especially from vulnerable groups. This feature monitors and archives interactions to meet safety standards, allowing quick, accurate investigation and responses to any concerns. It ensures transparency and boosts confidence among volunteers and service users.

Maximise training impact by studying recorded sessions

By reviewing recorded sessions you can enhance training programs by providing insights into communication, engagement strategies, and diverse needs. Facilitators can understand group dynamics and individual interactions better, tailoring their approach for greater impact. Each recording is a valuable tool for reflection and learning, enriching participant experiences.

Prioritise privacy by turning recordings off

Togetherly values participant privacy and trust, offering the option to disable session recordings. This ensures confidentiality for sensitive discussions, creating a secure and respectful environment. With control over recording settings, Togetherly aligns with your organisation's privacy policies and participant comfort, upholding their right to privacy.

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