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Group Call Navigator

Remote groups are a great way to maximise volunteer impact, but it requires effective management and coordination to ensure that everyone gets the most out of each session. This is where the Group Call Navigator becomes indispensable.

Empower facilitators with real-time call control

Togetherly's Group Call Navigator offers facilitators easy oversight and control for group calls, including real-time speaking indicators, easy mute options, and the ability to easily dial out to service users. This makes managing group calls simpler and enhances the experience for all, ensuring productive, engaging, and inclusive calls.

Leverage volunteers as facilitators with user-friendly access and simplicity

The straightforward design enables volunteers of all technical levels to easily become facilitators and concentrate on impactful sessions rather than complex software navigation. The intuitive user interface allows effortless facilitation of group activities and discussions, improving the volunteers' experience and extending the reach and effectiveness of your services.

Maintain privacy by keeping personal details hidden

Togetherly prioritises user privacy by securely hiding phone numbers and revealing only first names, ensuring personal details remain private. This extra anonymity layer encourages users to participate in group activities and support sessions without fear of exposing their full identity, fostering trust and creating a safe, comfortable environment.

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