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No Contact Report

Sometimes a volunteer stops calling or a service user stops answering. With Togetherly's No Contact Report you can easily find out about it and take the appropriate action, before it's too late.

Ensure no service users are left behind

Togetherly's No Contact Report empowers you to swiftly identify service users who have not recently engaged, pinpointing those at risk of further isolation and ensuring every individual remains connected and receives the support they need.

Improve volunteer retention by identifying those at risk of becoming disengaged

The No Contact Report plays a crucial role in improving volunteer retention by alerting you to volunteers at risk of disengagement, allowing for timely intervention and support, ensuring a more rewarding and enduring volunteer experience.

Streamline operations by focussing on exceptional cases

Eliminate the need to routinely contact every volunteer and service user and instead focus only on these exceptional cases. Instead you can re-allocate the time and resources spent on these regular check-ins to more impactful tasks.

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