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Safeguarding Alerts

Ensuring the safety and well-being of service users and volunteers is crucial. Togetherly employs advanced AI-driven conversational analysis to meticulously oversee interactions, promptly alerting you to any potential risks.

Ensure early safeguarding interventions with AI analysis

Togetherly's advanced AI analysis serves as a vigilant guardian for you remote services, meticulously scanning conversations to identify and flag potential risks at the earliest stage. This proactive approach ensures that timely interventions can be made, safeguarding the well-being of all participants and maintaining a secure, supportive environment.

Keep all parties comfortable by enforcing boundaries

Togetherly can alert you if conversations breach predefined boundaries, allowing you to intervene promptly and maintain a respectful environment. This ensures that all interactions on the platform adhere to the highest standards of safety and privacy, preserving the comfort and dignity of every participant.

Prioritise privacy by turning it off

We recognise the importance of privacy in sensitive communications. With the option to turn off monitoring features as needed, you have the flexibility to prioritise user confidentiality and discretion.

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