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Public Groups

Remote groups are not only a great way to reach your existing service users, they can also be a versatile platform for delivering outreach, broadening your audience and for hosting guest speakers.

Achieve broader community engagement by hosting open access sessions

Public Groups allow you to easily connect with a diverse and extensive audience. By offering sessions that anyone can join by just calling a phone number, it breaks down barriers to participation, enabling you to reach not only your already engaged service users but also a wider community.

Enrich outreach programmes by showcasing guest speakers

Public Groups make is simple to offer more dynamic and engaging content. By featuring experts, thought leaders or people with lived experiences, you can provide unique insights and perspectives, adding significant value to your sessions and elevate the impact of your outreach efforts.

Facilitate large-scale interactions with up to 100 participants

Togetherly's advanced features like participant muting and hand-raising options maintain decorum and streamline communication, making it possible to conduct large remote gatherings without compromising on interaction quality or participant experience

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