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Private Groups

To address the need for confidential discussion spaces on sensitive topics, Private Groups enable the creation of secure, invitation-only sessions, free from the worries of external intrusion or public exposure.

Ensure confidentiality and privacy in sensitive conversations

Private Groups prioritise discretion and emotional safety and are essential if you're handling sensitive conversations. It assures participants of a secure, private environment where they can openly share personal experiences without the concern of external exposure.

Build trust and community by creating inclusive remote spaces

Private Groups effectively bridge geographical and social barriers, fostering a strong sense of belonging and community among participants. This approach significantly enhances engagement, deepens trust and ensures that relationships are nurtured end maintained.

Accommodate diverse needs by providing versatile joining options

Recognising the challenge of varying technological access and personal preferences, Togetherly addresses this by allowing people to join sessions in the manner they find most comfortable - dial-in, get a call at the start or join online.

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